Manual Telescopic & Retractable Bollards

Telescopic and Retractable Bollards are available in various options from domestic duty to Industrial Commercial Duty Bollards.

We have a wide range of both options Domestic duty bollards and Industrial Commercial Duty Bollards.

If you are looking for a perfect, adaptable safeguard for your parking bays and driveways, retractable bollards are a great option. When lowered they remain flush with the road surface thereby removing the possibility of damage from vehicles driving over lowered bollard. They are easy to operate whilst providing reliable, strong protection and security for when you need them.

Both options of our Bollards,  Domestic duty bollards and Industrial Commercial Duty Bollards are available in many designs with options on material finish ranging from stainless steel, galvanised and powder coated also PVC sleeve shrinking again available in a variety of colours. The units are available in a selection of dimensions however if the required dimension is not listed, we have a bespoke manufacturing department whom can assist with the design / manufacture of the unit to meet your requirements.